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Expensive and totally inefficient!

Imprecise translator

When I use it to analyse the same cry many times, it gives me different results for each of them. Even following correctly the instructions. So, I never know the real reason my baby is crying. Not a good way to spend US$4. Quando uso para analisar o mesmo choro várias vezes seguidas, ele dá um resultado diferente para cada vez. Portanto eu nunca sei o verdadeiro motivo do choro do meu bebê. Esse programa é uma péssima maneira de gastar US$4.


This app is junk. It randomly puts up a issue with your baby. My son had all of the symptoms in one tantrum. Dont waste the 10 dollars.

I like it!

I downloaded it to try with my nephew while babysitting. It was very helpful! He was screaming for what seemed like forever...I thought he just missed his mom but it confirmed he was sleepy and gave me tips on how to get him settled down. I tried the tips and they worked.

It does not work even with twins

Both of them were crying because they were hungry and the apps said they need to sleep. They took 6oz each before sleep!!!

Price = Fail

Since the update the app seems to be working better, The app is NOT worth the price....

Useless App Ever!!!

Dont charge money for this JUNK!!!!

Pretty good app

So far it has been accurate. I have used it when my new baby is crying and I just cant seem to figure out why. Its a bit expensive at just over $5 because all its doing is identifying the 5 different newborn cries which you could learn yourself. However when youre overtired and your little baby is upset its nice to try out the app for a second opinion. I would recommend it not as an only tool but back up for those particularly hard days as a new parent.

Waste of money

I was wondering how it works. It seems like it shows "translations" just randomly. Waste of money, keep out of this app

Dont buy it

3 measurements one after another and got 3 different results

7 euros

for 7 euros i can buy a toy for my baby, the app doesnt work good. very slowly.

Wasted money

I wonder if it really uses the microphone or just proposes a random reason for the crying

Crap dont buy

My baby was screaming bloody murder and it said bored? Yeah dont think so lol

Pure Hype

Errors out every time I attempt to use it to decipher the cries of my 8 month old little girl. Dont waste your money... Hi Ripa!

Works Consistently

This app accurately identifies the cries of my 3 month old.

Unfortunately, a flop

I had far more success deciphering the cries of my two year old myself. Usually it lists sleepy, or bored. Thats if you can get it to read, which usually takes multiple attempts. As a recent joke on SNL put it - if the babys crying one thing to try is to put down the iPhone. haha Bottom line - I wouldnt waste my money on this. Trust your instincts.

Dont waste your money

Kind of works on occasion, but certainly isnt worth $10.

Oh please

I am assuming those of you who cant get this to work arent too tech savvy! Works like a charm every time for my 5-month old....the suggestions are common sense but good to see in a pinch when you have a crying baby! Definitely recommended for first-time parents that ARE tech savvy.

Waste of money

I usually do not write reviews. I am a father of 1 month old and I can tell the reason why my baby is crying most of the time. I found a news article about this app and did not want to buy it but thought let me try and see. First of all, this app is such a waste of money. I tested out several times since I bought this app. I was so fed up when I used it first time because my baby was crying for milk but the app was saying she was bored, then second time annoyed and then again bored and hungry- annoyed. I repeated the test for 10 times atleast and everytime I got different reason. I thought I was doing something wrong and tried to read FAQs about the app and stuffs like that. I give up now. This app shows hungry when my baby has full stomach and cries for diaper change. Anyways long story short do not buy this crap. As a parent we should know better about babys cry and should learn on the go. Do not depend on this app for even a suggestion. If you want to use this app for fun then go ahead and purchase it. BTW, when your baby cries, will you attend to her and provide her what she wants or going to open up your iPhone and start this crap application to figure out?

Doesnt work

Definitely a waste of money unless they come up with some amazing update. Trying on our four month old, it is all over the map. I can do it ten times in a row while hes crying and the anwers are never consistent. Probably worth .99 for goofing around, but its not a serious diagnostic tool.

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